This is what our friends and partners say about Praxis Europe.

At South & City College Birmingham, we have worked successfully with Praxis Europe for five years, in which time we have collaborated on a number of innovative projects. SSCB students have benefited enormously from Praxis Europe’s practical creativity in projects ranging from ‘group’ work experience in Turkey in Motor Vehicle, Travel & Tourism and Hospitality & Catering to individual visits through the British Council to Albania, Sicily and a whole range of other European destinations. Students’ aspirations have been hugely broadened by such experiences and their tutors attest to a corresponding growth in their commitment, work-rate and general focus on their return to class. We are impressed by Praxis Europe’s focus on students gaining personal responsibility, they are thoroughly prepared before they travel and supported by high quality mentoring whilst abroad. We hope to continue building our relationship with Praxis Europe well into the future.

--John Hillen – Assistant Principal

Where do I start? I believe I was the first young person to be mentored by Praxis Europe and the very first individual they took on their very first Youth Exchange which took place in Sweden. Living in an inner-city deprived area and coming from an under privileged background always limited me in the opportunities I was given. I was stigmatised even by my postcode and with fewer opportunities than my peers, life was always a struggle. However all of this changed as soon as Praxis Europe accepted me on their mentoring programme. I started to get sound advice, a sense of belonging and was never judged.

Within a short period of time I built a rapport and most importantly trust with Praxis Europe and I quickly learnt they respected me as an individual and not just a number as quite often service providers do. I became more confident by the day and getting to the point, Praxis Europe was a lifeline, they helped me achieve my dreams. They supported me in getting a job with the Home office as the first UK Young Person’s Ambassador to represent the United Kingdom (1 year contract), and also supported me in getting a scholarship at university to study medicine. They provided regular one to one guidance on personal and professional matters. They took me out of my comfort zone and kept pushing and encouraging me to achieve higher, they believed in me and gave me hope. I am so grateful to Praxis Europe as I graduated from Brighton Sussex Medical School in medicine and have been working across three different hospitals in Oxford as a Trainee Surgeon over the last year. Today I want to give something back to society and I am volunteering my spare time to support Praxis Europe transform and inspire more lives.

--Dr Imran Khan – UK

I got connected with Praxis Europe through All Different, All Equal – Remastered project, which took place in Birmingham, UK in March 2016. As this was the first Erasmus + project I’ve ever attended, I landed in Birmingham scared and not sure what to expect.

ADAER turned out to be a life-changing event for me, however cheap that adjective might sound. I spent the days getting to know people who, by the end of the project, felt like family. I spent the days trying new things, strengthening knowledge and skills, discovering wonderfulness of people around me, and dropping fears and doubts. I took chances and made mistakes. Praxis Europe team created a wonderful setting for all that, passed their knowledge about acceptance, respect and the importance of team work on another 30-ish young people; they kept us entertained and taken care of. This could have been my last sentence, but let me close with something equally (if not even more) significant, they made us laugh and think outside the box. I’ll remember this beautiful experience for life.

--Nicole Brisova – Cz Reublic

My life completely transformed when I was successfully selected for a two week VET training programme in my field of study, Motor Vehicle. My work placement took place in Istanbul, Turkey and I had the pleasure of working at Renault. The training programme was developed by Praxis Europe and funded by Erasmus+. This experience completely transformed me personally and professionally and it brought back my natural smile. The skills I learnt with a one to one technician at Renault were invaluable and I learnt more in two weeks than I have in a whole year at college as this was all practical hands on experience in a real business environment. I was really nervous at first but as each day went by I became more confident and started to communicate with others and started to believe in myself for the first time ever and was totally blown away and empowered with the team looking after me. I must add the employability workshops and linguistic lessons also played a part on my personal development and gave me hope for the future and a vision to work towards. Before I came to Turkey I was seriously thinking college was not for me and doubting my ability but my mindset completely changed from this wonderful Erasmus+ journey. Upon returning I have been on 4 Erasmus+ Youth training programmes and have passed all my college exams and will now be staying in education and going onto my level 3 in Motor Vehicle. I have such a desire in meeting new people from different backgrounds, learning about different cultures, exploring the world, making new friends, it’s a real surreal kind of feeling, I feel alive again!

I would like to say a very big heartfelt thank you to Praxis Europe for believing in me, South and City College Birmingham for championing this programme and of course Erasmus+ for turning my life around.

--Hamza Sharaz – UK

Having the opportunity to go on my first Erasmus+ project was quite nerve wracking, being in a different country and knowing no one at all. However with the reassurance of Praxis Europe I kept an open mind and embraced the programme fully. Upon my return to the UK I changed, I became more confident, tolerant and more proactive with what I wanted to do with my life. My experiences were getting better and better, meeting new people from all aspects of life. I now have an addiction for travelling and learning more about cultural diversity. I have made lifelong friends and have broader knowledge about human rights in different countries. Praxis Europe has truly turned my life around, from having no direction to now knowing where I want to go. Finally deciding and being accepted into university to studying youth work was the best choice ever. Thank you Praxis Europe for changing my life for the better.

--Naveed Hussain – UK

I was a participant in a training course of Praxis Europe called “Youth Can Dance” that took place in Birmingham, UK in January 2016. This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Meeting such a great team and working with them was a pleasure for me. During the week I spent in Birmingham I learned about different cultures, met young people with diverse stories and positive attitudes towards life and realised how important it is to care about people and show that you value their opinion. This training course gave me the opportunity to gain real multicultural experiences through dancing, to make friends from different countries and I enjoyed every second of it. At the end of the project I felt like I was not only part of a team, but a member of a big international family.

Thank you Praxis Europe for making me a part of Youth Can Dance Family! This was an unforgettable week and I wish everyone could experience such an inspiring adventure like “Youth Can Dance” training programme.

--Gergana Lyubenova – Bulgaria

I was working at a youth center Digg’Out in Holland when I came across an awesome training course in Birmingham, via Praxis Europe and Erasmus+.
I learned a lot in that week about leadership within the field of youth work and met amazing people who I will never forget and whom I’m still in contact with.
But to my surprise, I also fell in love with an amazing guy Nassa <3 It completely changed my life, because we now live together in Birmingham!!

So thank you Praxis Europe for this amazing opportunity 🙂 🙂

--Dieuwertje Croqué - Holland