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Praxis Europe is a community Interest Company (CIC), which works to promote and meet local needs in education, training and employment through the process of volunteering. Praxis Europe actively works to engage hard to reach groups and to deal with issues of poverty, unemployment, low skills as well as extremism. It diligently encourages and develops community cohesion programmes across Europe, in order to gain a better understanding of different cultures, faiths and traditions thus as a result widely promotes integration and respect for all involved.

Our organisational ethos is to Engage, Empower and Enrich the lives of local people through various aspects of Learning, Training and Employment.
Praxis Europe supports all communities without regard to race, gender, religion, or culture but particularly focuses on Black and Ethnic Minority groups as well as emphasising on disadvantaged young people. As a team, Praxis Europe also encourages community members to interact with others by providing creative, social and educational activities, leading towards improved integration and community cohesion.

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Our work also involves promoting opportunities that broaden horizons and enables local residents to partake in work placements across the West Midlands and Europe. We also make a conscious effort to address local health needs by raising awareness of conditions and providing solutions that meet local needs.


Praxis Europe is a registered community interest company (CIC) working in what is usually referred to as the ‘third sector’. In other words, we are a not-for-profit organisation.


The Inspiration Behind Praxis Europe

Praxis Europe was born in the mind of our founder after he visited a youth in action project in the Netherlands. He was astounded by the sheer scale of the European projects, and made friends for life while learning about individuals from different areas of the world. During the project he engaged in training that developed his skill set, and realised that he wanted to share this experience with others. At this point, the concept of providing non-formal education and training to young people started to flourish.


Donating to Our Cause

Anyone who values the work we carry out is encouraged to donate to our cause. Although we have no official method of accepting donations, please get in touch with us to learn more about how you can contribute(details can be found via the CONTACT page).


Volunteer Support

As with any charity, we are always looking for generous volunteers to dedicate their time and effort to help us continue making a difference. From experts in charity volunteering to complete novices, any assistance you can provide will be welcomed. If you are interested in effecting change, please contact us through this website and advise us of how much time you have to spare and in which field your expertise lie.


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• Affiliates of the British Council

• Affiliates of South and City College Birmingham

• Funded by Erasmus+™

Our Values

• Excellence & Quality
We consult, encourage feedback and regularly evaluate our services in order to consistently evolve. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in all areas of our work. We take pride in delivering quality, distinctive services which are good value for money.

• Ambition
We are a ‘believe and achieve’ organisation and our success is measured on aspects of innovation including; engagement, structure, fairness, relevance, competence and effectiveness.

• Inclusiveness
We will encourage and promote a diversity of perspectives and the building of trust through mutual understanding.

• Accountability
We are accountable for our actions to our board members; customers, service users, partners and funders. We are prepared to submit ourselves to scrutiny providing measurable and meaningful outcomes.

• Integrity
We are committed to integrity, transparency and honesty in all our dealings including the proper use of time, money and resources.

• Equality
We will actively promote equality through our policies; practices, advocacy and value for others contributions irrespective of personal differences. We provide equal access to opportunities and challenge any form of unfair discrimination.

• Learning
We do not believe we are exempt from the learning cycle. We learn from experience, challenges and excellence. We do not endorse a blame culture, but accept and learn from mistakes prior to moving on.

• Reliability
We deliver what we commit to and keep relevant parties informed of progress and change.

• Dignity
We are fully committed to promoting a good, supportive and harmonious working environment where board members, employees, partners, volunteers and service users are all treated with respect and dignity.

• Respect
We will always aim to be collaborative and constructive in all our endeavours, whilst valuing and acknowledging the contributions made by others.

• Passion
We are passionate about our work and continuously inspired by the people we work with.

• Care
We involve and listen to others. We show consideration and empathy for our service users’ emotional and physical well-being. We believe effective and consistent engagement can encourages their active and successful contribution to society.

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If you are interested in working alongside a dynamic organisation and are passionate about transforming lives, then why not get in touch with us today.