Training and Project Meetings

As part of the Teach project, all partners have met regularly to review project activities and outputs to ensure that we are on track to meet our project objectives. Meetings have been held in Birmingham, Lyon, Istanbul and a final meeting will be held in Bucharest during late July 2017.
Trainer Training Activities
As part of the project, we have held a number of training courses that have involved partners and trainers from the UK, Romania, France and Turkey. These training courses provide trainers working with disadvantaged groups of learners, to work together to develop their arts and crafts skills in order that they can incorporate informal and flexible learning into their training provision. By using creativity our trainers are shown how adults worried about taking the first step into learning can be engaged and supported.
We have trainers our trainers on:
• The use of arts such as Ebru (water marbling), sewing, doll making, painting, ceramics, drawing, forestry schools, etc. to engage learning
• The retention and progression of leaners into more formal routes
• Modification of training provision
• Issues associated with disadvantaged learners and the barriers to learning
• Looking at social enterprises as a method to ‘learn and earn’ as well as working with employers.

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